Foods that should not be eaten for dinner are difficult to digest.

If you want to be slim and healthy, you must choose to eat dinner! Which today we have a list of 6 foods that should not be eaten in the evening for you, which is a list of foods that say that if you choose to eat it for dinner or in the evening, you have to think carefully. Because these foods are all foods that are difficult to digest, high in fat, which in addition to making it easy to gain weight. It also negatively affects health in many ways.

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For dinner, it is recommended that It should be easy to digest food. Helps the digestive system not work too hard during bedtime. And it should be a low-fat diet. Especially for those who eat dinner at a relatively late time. Should choose to eat foods that are low in fat. Does not make the digestive system work harder and is not a food that affects sleep

Foods that should not be eaten in the evening

1. Fried food

Of course, fried foods are foods that have a relatively high accumulation of oil. which Oil is considered a type of fat, especially lard Coconut oil and palm oil are oils that are high in saturated fat. If eating in the evening or before bedtime the body has less metabolism It will cause fat to accumulate throughout the body. easily cause obesity

2. Bread, various bakery

Bakery, bread, donuts They all contain trans fats as their main ingredient. Whether it’s margarine or margarine, shortening, creamer, whipped cream, trans fats are different from natural fats. making it difficult for the body to decompose and cannot be easily excreted from the body Trans fat also increases LDL or bad cholesterol. result in obesity Heart disease and stroke can follow.

3. Lean meat

Fatty meat is not much different from fried food. Because it is a food that is high in fat. In addition to causing fat accumulation Cholesterol has risen. It is also a food that is not friendly to the digestive system in the evening as well. especially with lean beef. Beef is a meat that has tough fibers and requires a lot of energy to chew. If not chewed thoroughly it can cause bloating. because it takes longer to digest

4. Foods High in Sodium

high sodium foods It is another type of food that can cause swelling easily. Normally, our body will excrete sodium out of the kidneys. But if there is too much Still can’t drive, especially in the evening. It’s called food that is high in sodium. Whether it is semi-finished food, Chinese sausage, ham, bacon, sausage, pickled fruit and other processed foods, if eaten in the evening in addition to causing swelling. It’s easier to get fat also negatively affect the kidneys and may cause permanent high blood pressure as well

5. Fast Food

It is called a food that is rich in starch, fat, salt, sodium, the cause of obesity and various diseases. Many more anyway. for fast food The more you eat in the evening which is when the body moves less The metabolic system works less. Let me tell you that the more easily it makes you fat.


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