The Cost of Using HealthTap

HealthTap provides a service that connects consumers to doctors via text and video chat. Its doctors offer free medical answers and referrals, among other things.

HealthTap was founded, a Stanford graduate student, to enhance patient engagement and reduce medical costs. It links users’ personal health records to doctors, pharmacies, and labs for analysis.

Free version

HealthTap provides a free version of its services that allows users to ask general health questions online and connect with doctors via video chat, text message and phone calls.

However, it’s essential to remember that you can only access this service if you have insurance coverage. Without it, you will have to pay for your consultations out-of-pocket.

HealthTap charges a fee, but it’s still much cheaper than traditional doctor visits. Depending on your insurance plan, you could save up to $99 per virtual visit – about the same cost as an average doctor visit!

Its AI-enhanced symptom checker offers intelligent explanations of potential causes and the next best steps for care, giving you the power to decide whether or not to see a doctor. Furthermore, the app stores all consultation notes, test results and medication information in one place so it’s simple to share this data across multiple providers.

$99 per month

The cost of HealthTap depends on the service you select. You can pay $99 per month for a Prime plan that includes live video consultations with your doctor, or opt for the free Basic plan which doesn’t require a monthly subscription payment.

HealthTap, founded in 2010 and headquartered in Palo Alto, California, is an online healthcare company that offers virtual medical appointments and texting with doctors. It boasts a network of 90,000 volunteer U.S. physicians across 147 specialties who provide free informational answers to questions submitted by members.

HealthTap stands out among similar products by taking a comprehensive approach to healthcare delivery. Founder believes that wellness is the cornerstone of patient engagement, and he strives to give patients all of the resources necessary for informed decisions about their healthcare.

$99 per year

HealthTap is a subscription-based telemedicine service that allows you to text or video conference with a doctor whenever you please. You can also get prescriptions filled through the app, and its wellness list helps keep track of your overall wellbeing.

Founder of Answered, claims it has over 60,000 doctors answering questions through its site and mobile apps. With 10 million active users, and with such a lucrative incentive structure in place for users, the service should become profitable soon.

HealthTap’s pricing may be higher than similar products like Interactive MD or American Well, but it offers an advertising-free service to help manage patients’ healthcare after receiving a diagnosis. Furthermore, HealthTap could be beneficial for those who have insurance that covers telemedicine appointments but don’t want to cover each session themselves theviralnewj.

Free general health questions

HealthTap doesn’t charge anyone to ask general health questions and usually responds within 24 hours. This is an ideal way to evaluate if the platform is suitable before investing any money.

The site strives to provide you with the most up-to-date information, while also creating a rewarding feedback loop. When you receive an encouraging answer from a doctor, the app prompts you to thank them and recommend their service to friends.

HealthTap’s AI-powered symptom checker and library of medical questions answered by North American doctors across a range of fields is unique.


HealthTap provides free answers to general medical inquiries. These include symptom checks, treatment plans and prescriptions. Furthermore, its concierge doctor will create a tailored checklist of healthy behaviours so members can stay on track with their progress.

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