The Meaning and Importance of Physical Fitness

What is physical fitness? A common question is, “What is fitness?” The answer depends on the person. Some people define fitness as the capacity to do a specific task over an extended period of time. Others define fitness as being in a condition of health, which may include resisting heart disease and being strong. Muscular endurance, for example, is crucial for performing well in sports like football and wrestling. Others measure fitness by body composition, which is the ratio of fat mass to bone, muscle, and cartilage.

Physical fitness includes various aspects that measure physical endurance. It involves muscle strength and elasticity, and is measured using VO2 max. Agility also involves a strong will and nervous compatibility. Similarly, balance determines a person’s ability to resist falling. This is measured by the organs in the body, as well as its equilibrium base and Earth gravity line. Muscular endurance refers to the body’s ability to withstand fatigue.

Physical activity is highly affective and emotionally-charged. The spectrum of feelings evoked by physical activity spans from joy to feelings of empowerment to humiliation. Thus, it is essential to consider how we feel when engaging in physical activity. Not only will this increase our appreciation for physical activity, it will also prevent us from developing health conditions such as obesity and heart disease later in life. In addition, physical activity helps us develop the coordination and fundamental mechanics needed for optimal performance.

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