TV Shows about Entrepreneurship and Start-Ups

Our everyday entertainment habits have a significant influence on how we live. It is also extremely typical for the daily content we consume to teach us a lot and mold us into the people we are. Therefore, it is crucial to consume uplifting and productive information that improves us as individuals and inspires us to do more in life. There are, in fact, TV shows that can motivate and encourage you to be a better business person if you are an entrepreneur or aspire to be one.

These TV series can teach you the technical aspects of running a business, but there are also shows for fun and inspiration. So, if you want to stay current with the business-related world, you only need to watch the TV shows listed below.

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The rise of GenCoin, a contentious cryptocurrency start-up, is the subject of the online drama series StartUp. StartUp demonstrates the rise of GenCoin. The storyline of the show received a lot of mixed reviews from critics, but it eventually became more and more popular. The show currently has three seasons with a total of 30 episodes. The affluent, poor, and gangsters of Miami are all included in this highly intriguing show.

Breaking Bad

Well, when we say Breaking Bad, we are not suggesting you start a crystal meth business. Breaking Bad is a show that has several lessons on what makes you a successful businessperson. It is a show about a chemistry schoolteacher Walter White gone bad after he discovers he has cancer. Well, Walter’s journey through all the seasons tells us how he makes his own name Heisenberg a brand, and soon into the industry he no more needs an introduction.

Besides that, Breaking Bad has many other small lessons that you need to catch if you are a business owner.

Better Call Saul

You may be familiar with Saul Goodman’s persona if you’ve watched Breaking Bad. Better Call Saul, a prequel to Breaking Bad, centers on Jimmy McGill, a character who changed into the Breaking Bad version of himself six years prior. The plot of the show is on Saul Goodman’s development from a modest lawyer to one who defends the worst criminals in the city before turning bad himself.

The show is worth seeing if you want yourself to be as dedicated as Saul Goodman is, but remaining on the right path will undoubtedly influence the outcomes you experience.

Shark Tank

Entrepreneurs looking for funding for their start-ups submit their ideas to a panel of five investors known as “Sharks” on the business-related reality TV show Shark Tank. The Sharks evaluate and select start-ups to work with. Business moguls including Barbara Corcoran, Lori Greiner, Daymond John, Mark Cuban, and Kevin O’Leary are on the panel, and Richard Branson, Ashton Kutcher, and Chris Sacca made guest appearances as sharks.

The 13 seasons featured product pitches ranging from the best to the worst. Because you can take notes on the product pitches that result in numerous offers, the show is worthwhile to watch. You are perceptive, and you stand to gain a lot by viewing the episodes of Shark Tank.


A show called Billions explores the power dynamics in the New York high finance industry. The two most influential people in New York and their legal disputes are the centers of the story. The program is not only amusing and worth binge-watching, but it is also loaded with wise sayings and real-world examples on entrepreneurship, leadership, and success.

The sixth season of the show, which presently has five, will premiere in January 2022. If you desire enjoyment as well as inspiration to launch your own business, the show is ideal and a must-watch. The most entertaining and fascinating aspect of the show is when the two main characters strive to outdo one another. The sixth season is almost complete, thus the wait is finally over.

Dirty Money

This Netflix original series explores how “the rich grow richer” via accounts of corporate fraud and wrongdoing. The six-hour-long episodes of the show concentrate on a single instance of corporate malfeasance. Although this is not a presentation to be inspired by, it does show you the negative aspects of the business world, and the things to be aware of.


Fictional hip-hop music and entertainment firm called Empire Entertainment is the focus of the television series Empire. The founder’s family is embroiled in intrigue as they compete for control of the Empire. The six-season television show is incredibly compelling due to the ongoing cold war between the ex-wife and her two sons. This is the best show for you if you enjoy watching business-related shows.

Final Thoughts

While some of these TV shows are enjoyable, others are really instructive and give you all the knowledge you need to succeed as an entrepreneur. These TV shows are not only informative and entertaining but also quite inspirational and perceptive, so you should definitely watch them if you also aspire to be a successful businessperson giveme5.

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