What Does a Property Manager in Scottsdale Do?

The property managers from scottsdale hoa management companies you choose can have a major role in your HOA community. They perform a number of duties and handle key aspects of managing the property that they oversee. Property management responsibilities can range from collecting HOA fees and conducting assessments to overseeing the building’s landscaping, public relations, or maintenance issues.

The property manager will be responsible for overseeing construction projects to ensure that they are completed on time and according to budget guidelines. Property managers also manage any required paperwork for related activities, such as permit applications or inspections for builders on behalf of their members. They also manage general liability insurance companies when it comes to dealing with claims concerning the property owners.

Let us now see more into what property managers can do for your HOA.

  • Timely response

Property manages account for timely responses. They are responsible for handling matters such as paying bills on time, covering daily requests by their board, and participating in monthly meetings and larger events like HOA conferences. Therefore, they are responsible to clear any queries of HOA members or residents in a timely manner.

  • Finance management

Property managers are also in charge of collecting HOA fees and any payments that need to be made. They ensure that all dues will be paid on time so as to avoid any incurred financial costs for the owners. For this purpose, they have to communicate with all current members. This communication involves sending notifications by email, phone calls, and letters.

  • Governance

Property managers are also involved in governance activities. They help the board of directors carry out their duties by referring to the governing documents and serving as a liaison between the HOA and its contractors. 

  • Maintenance management

Property managers help their occupants to keep the property in good condition by supervising the associations’ maintenance staff and facilitating the hiring of any outside help when necessary. They are also in charge of making sure that all rules and regulations are followed by HOA members or residents to ensure that they live peacefully. 

  • Fairness

HOA property managers are also responsible for maintaining fairness in the association and ensuring that all members are treated equally. This means that they must not discriminate against anyone based on their race, age, gender, or income level. 

  • Vendor relations

HOA property managers are also involved in maintaining a good relationship with HOA vendors. They ensure that the contractor or vendor is giving quality services, follows all association rules and regulations, and pays invoices on time. 

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