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What is a ground beam?

The ground beam is another component of the house structure. that supports the weight of the whole house from columns and beams By making clay beams, you must consider the area where the house will be built. That is in the height that is suitable for any type of beam. to make the structure of the house stable stronger and to understand this key ingredient The crocodile also has some good knowledge for you to help everyone access this load-bearing structure more. whether it is the function, type and method of basic construction

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What is a ground beam?

Ground Beam, also known as the first floor beam. Or beams on the ground floor is the structure of the house below the floor system. Installed above piles, foundations and piers. The ground beams will help transfer the weight of the house to the foundations and piers. to achieve a balanced level Help support the weight of the whole building and the weight that will occur from using the building as well

How many types of ground beams are there?

Even though it is known as a ground beam, this structure doesn’t always have to be close to the ground. The ground beam can be divided into 2 types, namely, the type that is placed on the soil and the type that is high above the soil level. which are different as follows

1. The ground beam is placed on the ground level.

The ground beam is placed on the ground level. is to make the ground beams not so high from the ground level Or is about 1 meter high from the floor, suitable for general house or residential buildings. Construction in this manner must be done with a mound as high as the bottom of the beam first. Then pouring Lean, which is concrete pouring to smooth the surface of the soil. It is used for steel binding support and formwork support. By this type of ground beam, wood is used only on two sides, left and right. There is no need to use the lumber at the bottom.

2. The ground beam is high from the ground level.

The ground beam is high above the ground level. is to make the ground beam to be about 1 meter high from the ground but not more than 1.5 meter. The beam bottom level is quite high from the ground. Therefore, it is necessary to use the formwork of the beams as well. This results in more time and cost of construction. This type of ground beam is therefore suitable for tall buildings. or a house built at a point below the road surface

In addition, if the area where the building is built is relatively lower than the street level The ground beam must be made 1.5 meters above the ground, resulting in the need to have to do 2 layers of beams because if doing only one floor Will affect the strength of the building structure. The space below can be converted into a storage room or freshersweb.com basement.

How to make clay beams

– Pour lean. Start making the soil beam by adjusting the soil surface and pouring it. By using a coarse-mixed concrete tape to support the soil about 5-10 centimeters by pouring it will help bind the steel to make the structure that is attached to the ground more easily. because it helps maintain the level of reinforcing iron more easily Does not deform or sink to the ground

– Prepare formwork after pouring in, it’s a step to prepare formwork for making clay beams. Should choose a material that is strong, durable, smooth surface, not warped, cracked or bent, such as wood.

– welding the beam area Place the shrimp antennae in the space between the beams. by scheduling to a suitable level This section of steel will help connect the beam and the floor into the same section.

– Pour concrete and sculpt formwork After pouring concrete according to the assembled formwork and curing the concrete successfully Therefore gradually carved out the formwork. and survey the beam level whether it meets the requirements or not indian news

– Check the ground beam After pouring the ground beam successfully Should check to see if there are any cracks or damage. And should let the concrete set for about 7 days and check the strength again thoroughly. before starting any other structures.

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