What is a PET Scan?

A PET scan is a medical procedure used to diagnose disease by measuring the amounts of certain radioactive materials in a patient’s body. These tracers are very safe and stay in the body for a relatively short amount of time. The total amount of radiation is equivalent to several years’ worth of natural radiation from the environment. You will not feel the radioactive material at all. Most organs and tissues absorb the film indir mobil radioactive material within one hour.

The procedure is painless. A tracer is injected into the arm or hand, where it collects in areas of high metabolic activity. The images are then combined with a CT scan or MRI scan to identify any problems. The results can help doctors diagnose heart disease, cancer, and brain disorders. They can also give physicians information about the progress of their patients’ treatments. Here are some common benefits of a PET scan.

A PET scan uses radioactive tracers and dyes to show the internal workings of organs and tissues. They can reveal early signs of diseases and how a particular organ is using its nutrients. Because of this, it can be used to detect cancer before any other imaging test can. If you are wondering what is a PET scan, here are some tips:

Preparation is essential. Before the PET scan, you should avoid eating, drinking, or exercising for at least six hours. Foods that contain carbohydrates and sugar may affect the results of the test. Also, do not smoke or exercise for at least 30 minutes before your scan. These foods and beverages can affect the quality of the images. Your doctor can also give you specific instructions about what to eat and what not to eat before a PET scan.

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