What Is Organic Ctr Is And Why Website Builders?

In digital marketing, there are many so-called “metrics” that are used to measure marketing results or effectiveness. But for SEO people รับทำ SEO or focusing on website performance, Maewsom would like to introduce you to one metric that is very important to us, which is “Organic CTR”.

Let’s take a look at what Organic CTR is and why website builders and SEOs need to know more about this metric.

Before going to organic CTR, has everyone understood about CTR?

If the answer is ‘Yet’, Som Cat would like to lay some groundwork on this term. CTR or Click Through Rate is the rate of clicks per number of views. The calculation formula is Impression / Click = CTR.

To put it simply, when you shoot Search Ads on Google or do SEO รับทำ SEO  , when the results you do appear on the SERP (Search Results on Google) and someone sees that result, it will be counted as a metric called Impression ( Visibility), but if someone also clicks, it will cause the metric as Clicks as well. After that, we will take the Impression value and divide the Clicks to find CTR.

Let’s say someone searches for Pbn and scrolls down to find a page where the orange cat writes about it. With 1,000 people seeing, but 100 people actually clicking on the link, equal to 10% of the CTR.

Now that we understand the term CTR, let’s see what Organic CTR is.

Organic click-through-rate or Organic CTR is the CTR results from natural Search Engine searches (not counting the CTR that comes from shooting Ads) or is the CTR resulting from SEO and most of the results are good. Whether or not it often depends on how you rank on the Google page. Because a good ranking will result in a higher organic CTR as well.

Why is Organic CTR an important result?

There are two reasons why Organic CTR is an important metric:

– Having a high organic CTR will bring more traffic to your website.

Even if you make your website rank well on Google, it will help bring more traffic to the website.

Because being ranked on Google increases visibility for more people to find your website. And if you improve On-Page SEO well, people who see your website will have a chance to click to see more content.

-Organic CTR is a metric that indicates how interesting your content is.

Organic CTR is important for SEO because it can indicate the interest of the content that appears on the SERP page. A high organic CTR indicates that the content on the website is interesting and suitable for the user’s search query. Because it can capture the user’s search intent in a fistful way. And of course you can increase your chances of making a sale for this reason.

What kind of CTR is good for organic search?

If you measure how much organic CTR you should get to be considered good. Having said that, this depends on the industry you are working in, what kind of keywords you use, what kind of search intent you use, but on average, most websites will do an average organic CTR of about 3-5% (reference data from Databox). But if you rank so high that it’s in the top 3, then your organic CTR has a chance to increase % for sure.

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