Who is Sara Calixto and What Are Her Favorite Things to Do Online?

If you have been following Sara Calixto on social media, you already know she’s a hot Instagram sensation. But what else do you know about Sara Calixto? Aside from being a popular fashion model, she’s also a social media entrepreneur with more than 800 thousand followers on Instagram 3net. So, who is Sara Calixto and what are her favorite things to do online? Continue reading for more information!

Sara Calixto was born on January 8, 1993, in the country of Colombia Webshots. She grew up in the United States and dreamed of living abroad and sharing her experiences with other people. She began posting pictures on Instagram in December 2016 and has since gained quite a following. Her account has over 800k followers and she has even set up a patreon page! Sara’s photos have garnered a lot of attention and are often featured on television shows.

Sara Calixto’s net worth is estimated to be somewhere between one and five million dollars. She earns primarily from her social media presence and event appearances, although she has also published personal blogs about her experiences. The positive messages she shares on her blog have made her a popular figure among young girls Lockerz. If you are interested in learning more about Sara Calixto and her work, don’t forget to follow her on Twitter and her personal blog!


Sara Calixto has a massive following on Instagram Bayimg. Her username is @coralinnecr, and she regularly posts photos and videos on the platform. Sara also shares workout videos on her social media accounts. It’s clear that she’s a fitness freak, as her Instagram account has 1.8 million followers! But what makes her a social media superstar? Sara Calixto’s Instagram presence alone is worth the price of admission Streamzoo.

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