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Why Are Ethics Important in Technology?

Technological innovations and their consequences have raised a number of ethical questions. Computer viruses, for example, pose a serious ethical issue. It is also a matter of morality for scientists to develop nuclear weapons or not. Likewise, there are ethical questions surrounding new manufacturing processes and technologies. But why is ethics important in technology? Let’s examine some of these issues. Listed below are a few examples. Then, consider your own ethical responsibility in technology development.

Ethics matters because disruption of the status quo affects trust with stakeholders. By embedding ethics in technology, leaders demonstrate their commitment to “doing good” and help build long-term trust. While many disruptive technologies are viewed as vehicles for exponential growth, they do not foster long-term trust. Rather, ethical technologies require a 360-degree approach to trust. That means considering ethical tech before implementing it.

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Security is a key ethical issue in computer technology. Rather than addressing physical security issues, it is important to consider logical security, as well as privacy and controlling access to resources. Computers are susceptible to hacking by people who gain access to them without permission. Hackers can steal privacy information and organizational data. To avoid these problems, IT professionals must protect the privacy of all users. So, ethical behavior is important in all aspects of computer technology.

A culture of ethical tech awareness should be ingrained into the DNA of the organization. Every employee should recognize the ethical dilemmas that technology can create. This should include non-technology-related professionals. Not only does it improve the organizational culture, but it can also make a difference to the environment in which these professionals operate. It is a vital piece of the puzzle to make any organization ethically sound. This awareness should be a core competency for all employees, especially those in the information technology industry.

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